B.Sc Physics

The Department of Physics is the most recent inaugurated department that started in 2019 with 32 students on the rolls in the Under Graduate course- B.SC Physics with Chemistry and Mathematics as subsidiaries. The Department consists of eminent faculties who aim at providing students with a broad understanding of the physical principles of the universe, to help them develop critical thinking and quantitative reasoning skills to empower them to think creatively on scientific problems and experiments to provide training. The department has a well equipped Physics, Chemistry and Computer Labs. The Department library is enriched with more than 500 books. We also provide a very vibrant and dynamic academic ambience with effective tutorial work, discussions and seminars. Our ultimate goal is to facilitate opportunities for higher studies and placements.

Our Faculty

Kumari. Amba Prasad


Dr.Venugopalan Pillai


Dr. Smt. Sarithamol S

Assistant Professor

Smt. Jyothi V

Assistant Professor

Smt. Lincy Alex

Assistant Professor