B.A Economics

The Department of Economics is one of the first four departments along with English , Mathematics and Commerce started in 2015 with 39 students on the rolls in the Under Graduate course- BA Economics. The department offers B.A Degree in Economics with History and Political Science as complementary papers. At present there are 5 faculty members in the department. It provides a diverse range of academic offerings and exposure to multiplicity of paradigms. The course structure incorporates a balance of Theoretical Analysis and Quantitative Reasoning. Students are trained by renowned faculties with seek to prepare well equipped economists who can tackle new emerging imperatives in Economics. ERUDITO is a series of Seminar and Inter- Collegiate paper presentation competition conducted by the students of the Department of Economics each year

Our Faculty

Smt. Parvathy S


Sri. Vishnu M S.

Assistant Professor

Smt. Dhanya Raveendran

Assistant Professor

Prof. Sri Dilip Kumar N

Associate Professor

Smt. Girija

Assistant Professor