B.SC (Hons) MATHEMATICS with Computer Programming

The Department of Mathematics is one of the first four departments along with English , Commerce and Economics started in 2015 with 36 students on the rolls in the Under Graduate course- B.SC (Hons) MATHEMATICS with Computer Programming. At present there are 4 strongly motivative faculties with diverse specialization in Mathematical Science. Right from its beginning the department has striven to set high standards of teaching and learning. The department also offers a course in Operation Research for aspiring students from non-mathematic degree streams as an Open Course. The department has produced commendable results in the University examinations over the years. The department regularly organizes seminars and other competitions to improve the academic excellence of the students. The department is committed to train the students to make them motivated and dedicated in their future professions.

BSc (Hons) Mathematics with Computer Programming

Major Courses
  1. Foundations of Mathematics
  2. Theory of equations. Differential Calculus and Geometry
  3. Integral Calculus and Foundations of Vector Calculus
  4. Introduction to Real Analysis and Multiple Integrals
  5. Partial Differentiation and Introduction to Abstract Algebra
  6. Differential Equations and Vector Calculus
  7. Real Analysis 1
  8. Abstract Algebra
  9. Real Analysis - 11
  10. Complex Analysis 1
  11. Linear Algebra
  12. Topology
  13. Complex Analysis-11
Minor Courses
  1. Mathematics for Socialscience
  2. Matrices and Linear Equations
  3. Group Theory wnd Probability
  4. Basic Statistics
  5. Standard Distributions, Correlations and Regressions
Value Added Courses
  1. Introduction to Actuarial Mathematics
  2. Introduction to Mathematical Modeling
  3. Mathematics in Nature
  4. An Introduction to R
  5. Study Design in Research
  6. Data Analysis using Spreadsheets
  1. Typesetting Documents with LATEX
  2. Programming with Python
  3. Programming with R
  4. Data Analysis with R
  5. Statistical Analysis using PYTHON
  6. Statistical Computing using Python
  1. Programming with LATEX and Python
  2. Introduction to Operation Research
  3. Special Functions
  4. Optimization Techniques
  5. Foundationa of Computational Mathematics with Sage Math
  6. Introduction to data analysis softwares
  7. Queuing Theory
  1. Numerical Ability
  2. Experimental Designs for Science

Our Faculty

Prof Smt. Lekha S



Associate Professor

Smt. Sinimol G

Assistant Professor

Smt. Anjitha Murali

Assistant Professor

Smt.Asha Saseendran

Assistant Professor


Assistant Professor


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